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As a president of our project I would like to welcome every visitor of our home page

How has this project arisen, which aims does JOP have?

We (Florian Rätzel, Stefan Schliessmann, Tim Wolff, Felix Allmann, Alexander Appel, Thomas Schliessmann and Rahil Siddiqui) were at our annual Pannonia conference in Austria in February 2009.

(We founder members are all of them financial advisers of the German financial advice.)

In the hotel bar in the evening we were sitting all together when Florian thought about me: Nicole (Wolff) you’re the JIGGY OBAMA from the “Deutsche Vermögensberatung”. So the name was born because my nickname ist Jiggy, stands for good mood, fun, and I always say: Everything is in the green area - in German: Alles im Grünen Bereich. :- )

We talked, we joked ,we simply had jest and so arose in this night the idea live a project into this calling THE JIGGY OBAMA PARTY. Working around something great,  charitable and not from political backgrounds.

Without Dr. Reinfried Pohl (the father of the DVAG) we wouldn't have met each other. So for us it was very important to do a little good work and give others something back.

Each of us got a funny name: Felix: Flix, Florian: Cashflow, Rahil: Sharukhan Diamond, Alex: Big Apple, Tim: Simba, Thomas: The Brain.

The president JIGGY OBAMA appointed a chairman (Jiggy Wara Stefan Schliessmann) and everybody got an office assigned. At the end of the meeting we painted white T-shirts with our JOP logo to show everybody what is possible in little time. (Thanks a lot to everyone. It was an unusual and funny evening.)

Now, we renamed our “party” in JIGGY OBAMA PROJECT and every two month we will meet us to advancing our project.

We were taking on a godparent hood for Elyah and since December for Karimi from Africa, which we support with 25 € monthly.   

Patrick Bauhoff constructed this beautiful homepage (thanks for your commitment) and Florian designed our membership subscription.

By word of mouth and industrious effort our founder members we are actually 166 new members. WOW!

JOP have the aim to help Elyah and Karimi in Africa, supporting relief organizations and orphanages near Frankfurt and surrounding area, also we will celebrate a party every year for all our members to show you our projects.  ( Next Summer-Party in our Headquarter 11. September 2011 from 12-18h ) 

Now, I should like to ask you for your support. Help us with your membership if you want.


 Yes we can! Everything is possible, when you believe it is possible.

 Yours Jiggy Obama

Nicole Wolff

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